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Your Hollywood Journey Starts in North Hollywood (NoHo) California.

Nike says, "Just Do It." The Dancer Handbook tells you how.

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About the Author

"I definitely love The Dancer Handbook! I wish someone had written a book like this before I moved to LA from Dallas, Texas. Joseph has firsthand experience and a heart to guide people in the right direction. If you want to know more than just statistics and information, but a guide on how to prepare for the "real" life of a professional dancer, GET THIS BOOK!"

Keeley "Lockn'Key" Kaukimoce | From the Beat Freaks

"There aren't any current books that tell how the life of a dancer is in Hollywood. In a sense this book is like the voice of the dance community. Anyone who's been in the dance circuit can relate to this book and anyone who makes that move to L.A. will find out the realness in The Dancer Handbook."

Michael Franklin | Credits: Mariah Carey, Keisha Cole, Kanye West...

"This book is tight. All kinds of people from everywhere always ask me how to become a dancer. It doesn't matter where I've toured around the world, they always ask. People need and want The Dancer Handbook."

Dante Corde' | Credits: Missy Elliot, Justin Bieber, Rhianna...

"Students need curriculum that builds character to prepare them for how the real dance industry is. Joseph's book fills the need. Every college in the United States could use this book for their course curriculum in their dance programs."

Linda M. Tregle, MA Professor of Dance | San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, California